Friday, September 21, 2012

Poo free works for me

 Okay, the title of this post sounds a little odd, so let me explain... I haven't used shampoo or conditioner for more than 6 months. I watched a wonderful documentary on Netflix called Chemerical that explained that a lot of the personal care products we use these days are FULL of toxic chemicals. Since I often get migraines that put me to bed for the whole day (or longer) I decided to see if going "poo free" would help.
 Now, there are several ways to get your hair clean without using shampoo, but I decided to use baking soda since it's cheap, easily available, and I already have it on hand (because I use it for cleaning.) Instead of conditioner I use vinegar for all of the same reasons.
 I'll admit to being a bit skeptical before I tried it. I have straight hair down to my hips that has always been oily and prone to tangles. Could baking soda REALLY get rid of the oil? Could vinegar REALLY detangle all that hair? Would I smell like pickles after my shower?
 I'm thrilled to say yes, yes, and no! My scalp is clean and not oily, my hair is mostly tangle free, and I smell nothing like pickles. In fact, my scalp is producing far less oil than it used to. So much less, that I only "wash" it once or twice a week. And yes, I do seem to get fewer headaches.
 The process of using the baking soda and vinegar is no harder than using regular shampoo and conditioner. I keep two mason jars in my shower, one full of BS and one full of vinegar. I wet my hair and put about 1/4 cup of baking soda in an empty container (I use an old sour cream container) and then fill it with water. I pour it onto my scalp, rub it in for a few seconds, and then rinse. Next, I rinse out the container (remember to rinse it or it will foam up when you pour in the vinegar!) and then add about 1/4 cup of vinegar, fill with water, pour it over my hair, wait a few seconds and rinse.

This is all I use in the shower 

 A completely unexpected side benefit has been that my back, always prone to breakouts, has almost entirely cleared up. Once I realized that it was having such a positive effect on the skin on my back, I decided to give up soap all together. I now just use straight baking soda on my entire body. It's a great exfoliant and easily rinses off in our soft water. I've had some people say it's too harsh for them to use this way, but it works great for me.
 Just in case you think I'm fooling myself about my hair really being clean here's some pictures of it since I've gone "poo free" so you can see for yourself. 

Ooo shiny

No tangles and easy to braid

Clean and shiny
 That's it for today everyone. Enjoy your weekend and Blessed Be.


  1. So fun! Where do you get your baking soda? I bet it would be great to get it in bulk, not those little containers. Your hair is gorgeous! You should do a post on hair styles!! :)

  2. Jasanna, thank you for the compliment! I currently get my baking soda at the grocery store, but I'll be checking the local feed store when I run out next. A friend recently told me that it's available in 50 pound bags there for less than $20.