Who is Mama Chicken?

Mama Chicken(me) and
The animal/people/technology/power tools
 Whisperer (my hubby Mike)
Hi everyone. I'm going to tell y'all something about myself on the off chance that someone who doesn't already know me is reading this (which I can't imagine, but could happen I suppose.)
My name is Renee, I am 33 years old, I grew up in San Diego, California and was a total city girl for my first 25 years. I have been married to my awesome hubby, Mike, for 15 years now and we have 4 children. Gabe is 10 and he is autistic. The twins, Aislyn and Ian are 9, Ian is also mildly autistic. Lily, our baby, is 3 (how did that happen?!). We live on 10 acres in Central Texas with our many chickens (unnamed except the roosters Bob and Moonshine), meat rabbits (Mama and Daddy, the babies are food so they don't get names), our new dairy goats (Sweetie, Coco and baby Jasper), dog (Bruno, the chicken killer), cats (Princess and Tiger) and one sad lonely drake (Larry.)
When I was pregnant with Gabe I started a vegetable and herb garden in the tiny backyard of our tiny condo in the big city. Then, 4 years ago, we moved to Texas to be near my family. I started my garden here and was pretty darn happy. One day I saw baby chickens for sale at Tractor Supply...They were so cute and fluffy and they "cheep cheeped" at me. How could I resist them? I bought them, of course. That was the beginning of a new phase in my crazy life. I was now Mama Chicken!
I started with just a dozen baby chicks, I got rid of the roosters and lost a few to predators so I was down to 3 hens. The next year we moved to our current area and I got 25 baby chicks in the mail. More predators and sheer chicken stupidity and the next year I got 50 chicks in the mail.
In June of this year we found and bought our dream property, 10 acres with a cute little house, amazing live oak trees and a beautiful creek on the boundary line. The adults, kids, chickens, dog, cats, ducks and rabbits settled in. My hubby got me an incubator and some dairy goats. He built me chicken tractors, a milking stand and a cheese press (did I mention he builds things for a living?) and he tolerates my "chicken math!"
So, that's me. I'm the crazy chicken lady. Hope you enjoy reading about the fun, silly, crazy things that happen at my house.
Blessed Be

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