Thursday, April 19, 2012

New arrivals

Our cat, Tiger, being a cat, decided that the best time and place to have her kittens yesterday was in a laundry basket full of clean the living the middle of the afternoon. While I was making mini meat loafs in the kitchen I heard a tiny meow. I didn't even remember letting her in the house, but there she was, on the clean laundry getting kitten goo all over my clean hand towels.
 A few minutes after the second kitten was born Gabe got home from school. Thankfully, he listened to me when I told him not to pick them up, but he sat and watched and thought it was fascinating. The twins arrived in time to see the last one being born. And, bonus, we have cute new babies in the house for awhile.
 So I guess having to rewash all that laundry isn't such a big deal.

Good Mama Kitty

The kitten cuddle

Mama had to go potty, so I got to get a closer look
 One of the bunnies has also had babies, but she refuses to let me get a good picture of them. I even tried luring her away with cabbage leaves, but she wasn't falling for it. I don't even know how many she has in her nest box. Maybe tomorrow she will be more cooperative. We're still waiting on the other bunny to have her litter.
The moment I stuck the camera inside the cage she darted back into the nest


  1. How cool!! Those kittens lot HUGE or is it just me?

    LOL...the rabbit has a few in there. Looks like at least 5 or more?

    Glad to heat that Gabe just ejoyed the events and didn't try to help.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. that is supposed to say....those kittens LOOK Huge!!