Monday, May 21, 2012


 We have had visitors to the farm in the last week...
 First my father in law and his wife came from California. It was nice to have them here and the kids were so excited to see Papa and Wavy. They got to tour the garden and meet all the animals. We didn't really DO anything, but we had a great time hanging out and catching up. Gabe was especially sad when it was time for them to leave, and now keeps asking to "go to the airplane, go to California."

Papa and Gabe

Papa and Ian, discussing literature

Papa and Wavy brought the twins some books
  Then my grandparents drove up from Lincoln to go to my cousin Amanda's baby shower in Ft Worth. The plan was for Papa Davis to drive Grandma here on Sunday and then us girls would go to the shower, while Papa stayed here and hung out with the Mellor guys and little Lily. On Saturday afternoon I was in the kitchen, thinking that I had the rest of the night to finish the blanket I was making for the baby when my grandparents drove up. I freaked out, thinking that I had the day wrong, and ran to get dressed. It turned out that THEY had gotten the day wrong, the shower was on Sunday, but that meant that they got to spend the night and we had a very nice, if somewhat unexpected visit. Papa told me about his Mama's garden when he was a little boy and how she would cook squirrel in gravy and pour it over biscuits. Grandma told me about living in Selma, Alabama during the civil rights movement and how she saw the Selma to Montgomery march from Great Grandma Davis' front porch. Sunday we drove up to the baby shower and had a great time. Papa stayed here and learned how to find all his favorite old Westerns on Netflix.

Me, Daniel, Amanda, and Grandma (I made the little purple blanket and a tiny hat for the baby)

The parents-to-be
 In between visits I got some things done around here. We started to get blight on the potatoes, so we quickly dug them and burned the infected plants. That gave us a big empty spot in the garden that Mike has filled with watermelon. (Expect a post on Mike and watermelons in the near future.) We are getting some summer squash and there are tons of tomatoes on the plants, but none are ripe yet. 

Potatoes and green beans

Summer squash fritters with green onions and parsley

They're taunting me...

 I dried some herbs in my yard sale food dehydrator and put them in pretty jars.

Basil, Tarragon, and Celery salt
 We have lots of babies on the property... ducklings, rabbits, kittens, and a new bunch of 13 chicks that hatched over the weekend. I love baby animals.

Duck, Duck, Goose, Jack, and Jill with Lily, Aislyn, and Ian

This may not end well for poor little Smudge

One of the kittens, the kids call him Socks, for obvious reasons

Chicks in a hat
 That's all the time I have today. I need to go pick some squash and green beans for dinner tonight. Blessed Be...

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  1. Squirrel in gravy..mmmm...sounds kinda good. But then again anything with gravy sounds good!