Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great day

 Hello everyone, it's been a great week here on the farm. My hubby's grandmother (Nana Debbie), mother (Nana Cindy), and sister (Auntie Jennifer) are out for a visit and we're so happy to have them! The kids absolutely love having two Nanas here at the same time and are just about bouncing off the walls.

Mike, Lily, and Nana Debbie

 Yesterday was a particularly busy day. Mike spent the morning trying to get the pool set up, but was having tractor problems. Jennifer, Nana Debbie, and I spent the early afternoon at Homestead Heritage enjoying the scenery and poking into all of the shops and buildings. I can't decide if the The Potter's House or the Fiber Crafts was my favorite...or maybe it's the Gift Barn, they had the most amazing hand stitched quilts. Either way, we had an amazing time and a fantastic lunch at the Cafe. It's such a great place to spend some "girl time" and the people are so very friendly. I spent lunch trying to convince Nana that she should move out here. Arizona is much too far away.

Nana Debbie teaching Ian Chopsticks

 After we got home Mike went to the grocery store so we could get ready for the BBQ we were having last night with a family from Mike's church. I had planned to have a mad dash cleaning spree when I got home, but it turned out that I didn't need to because Cindy had done it for me! My whole living room, kitchen, and dining room were spotless! Did I mention that she's my very favorite mother-in-law?
 We had a great dinner of grilled pork chops and corn on the cob, with macaroni and green salads. I was a little bit nervous (as I had never met the family that was coming over) but, shockingly, I got along great with them. They also had the 2 most polite children I've ever met (the little boy called me Miss Renee, how cute is that?) and they had a blast checking out all of the animals.
 After they left, Mike and I got to escape for a night at the White Rock Creek B&B. It's where the visiting family is staying and they insisted that we go have a night there, they would watch the kids. I have to admit that I didn't require a whole lot of insisting, it's a beautiful B&B and the rooms all have bathtubs big enough to swim in. It's a very romantic place and we had a great night, and I'll just leave it at that. We had a lovely breakfast, provided by our hosts, Dana and Retha, and then we headed home so that everyone could head off to church (leaving me with my cherished quiet Sunday morning!)
 Today should be a less hectic day. Mike is going to give the tractor a good talking to, then level the site for the pool. Hopefully it will be up and filling this evening. We're going to hang out around the house, visit, and have some grilled steaks and squash fritters with leftover macaroni salad.
 Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Blessed Be...

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