Saturday, July 20, 2013

Country yard sales

I like yard sales. A lot of my little dust catchers come from them. I used to go to town yard sales. There are lots of cool things at town yard sales: clothes, toys, dishes, knick-knacks, get the idea. Since moving to, as my grandma puts it, "the middle of nowhere" I've discovered that country yard sales are much more diverse.
This shelf has three generations of yard sale and thrift store finds

 The last one I went to was a few weeks ago, at a neighbor's house. It was, in fact, the old man who gives me chickens from time to time. Lily and I browsed around for a few minutes and I saw the typical stuff you expect to see. There were a couple of infant car seats, some baby toys, some curtains, doodads and thingamajigs. Then the old man says, "I got me six geese. They're more'n half grown. Someone just gave me the eggs, 'cause their incubator was full, but I ain't got no use for them. I'll sell 'em to ya. Y'all got that creek down there...It'd be nice to see 'em when I drive by." (Now, when he says "geese" I flash back to my four-year-old self screaming and making a mad dash up a picnic table while a gaggle of geese, absolutely irate that I had dared to run out of stale bread, honked and flapped and chased after me. But then, I put on my big girl panties, told myself that I can always eat them if they're mean, and got over it.)
 We discussed price, $50 for them all, five females and a male. He couldn't remember what breed they were, but since they're "auto sexing" (you can tell the boys from the girls by color) I was pretty sure they're Pilgrim Geese. They go for about $15 each, for a day old chick, so $8.33/bird was a pretty darn good deal. He even promised to round them all up and deliver them to me. 
 See, more diverse. You just don't find geese at a town yard sale.
 So, he brought them over and we put them in with the goats and other birds. Everyone settled in quickly. Once they had been here a few days I picked names for them. I got lots of good ideas from my FB friends, but finally decided to go with Harry Potter names. Since the gander will be mostly white when he's full grown, I decided on Albus. Then I just had to decide which five girl names from the books I wanted to use. After much internal debate I settled on Minerva, Nymphadora (aka: Tonks), Hermonie, Ginny, and Luna. 
 And here they are...

Albus, Hermonie, and Ginny

Tonks and Luna


The whole Hogwarts Gang

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