Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's the little things...

Lately it's the little things that have been making me really happy.
The bunch born on Tuesday 
 More little things...
The bunch born on Friday
 And even more little things...

Apricot tree

Apple tree

Pear blossoms

Potato sprout

Pea shoot
 There have been some slightly bigger things too this week...
Rooting hormone

Pear branches with rooting hormone

Pear branches "planted" in wet sand to grow some roots
(it may not work, but if it does I'll have free fruit trees )

Granny Smith apple and pomegranate

A complete World Book Encyclopedia set from 1977 for $10 and a dozen eggs
 Now I know what you're thinking. Who needs encyclopedias? Isn't that what google's for. Well, yes, but what if google dies or my computer dies (which is the more likely scenario, I'll admit) and one of the kids has an emergency paper on President Kennedy to get done. No problem, we have an encyclopedia. Now if they have a report on Eastern Europe, well...not so much. On that note, night y'all, Blessed Be...

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