Saturday, February 4, 2012


 They're here!!!
 I have new babies! Only 2, but still babies! They are full blooded Easter Eggers and should lay blue or green eggs when they grow up (I always assume they're girls until I hear a crow or see some other "boy" sign.)
My 2 Easter Egger chicks
 They hatched last night, the other 3 in their group haven't showed any progress. I wasn't sure if ANY of them were going to hatch so I'm happy with these 2. 
In the brooder
 I don't really have anything else to say tonight, just more pictures of the animals.
Boris is trying to eat the log and Lily is a cowgirl princess
Such cuteness

The goats

Sniffing around in the clover


Stepping on her sister's head

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  1. Hi Renee,
    I saw your blog on common sense homesteading and your last name caught my eye. I am also a Mellor. My dad has a brother named Mike I wonder if thats your father in law. Is he a Mike also?
    Maybee were related. I couldnt find a link to email you so go to my blog and email me when you have time.