Monday, January 30, 2012

Planting and puppy dogs

 Okay, first I have to admit that as I sit here typing this I have a cute little fluff ball at my feet. We got a new Great Pyrenees/Lab mix puppy yesterday. I had no intention of getting a puppy when the day started, but there was this ad on had a picture...I just couldn't resist. So we picked up Boris yesterday afternoon. He's 8 weeks old and already HUGE!
Boris on Gabe's lap on the way home
 Anyway, that's all beside the point. The real point of tonight's blog is the garden. Mike and I got all 6 of the new trees planted (today Bruno ate the top off of the plum tree, so I'm not sure that one is gonna make it.) I spent Sunday afternoon getting the asparagus and garlic planted in the garden. 
Asparagus roots, ready to be covered with dirt
 Then, today I started my herb seeds and a few veggies. 
The seeds I started today
 Lily thought it was great fun to help fill up the pots and plant seeds. We got 81 small pots started and 5 bigger pots.


More herbs
I'm cutting tonight's entry a little short because Daddy is out of town and I have to put the munchkins to bed on my own tonight. Luckily the puppy (and the batch of soup I made this afternoon) kept Gabe occupied and calm. So goodnight everyone, Blessed Be

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  1. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I'm glad that the evening went well with Gabe. That puppy could very likely become close to him and become his *service dog*, if you will, keeping him clam and relaxed. The puppy may even already have sensed that Gabe *needs* him. We have had two Labs. One full breed and one mixed. They are amazing dogs.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening.