Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Grownup time

 Daddy came home from work early today and we got to spend some time together without all of the kids underfoot (And yes, I call my husband Daddy. I don't want to hear it, okay? I have issues...) Lily was there, but she was content to dig in the sand and let the grownups have a full conversation (a very rare event with 4 kids 10 and under!) Of course, we spent that time outside doing chores and talking over plans for the garden.
 He finished fixing the rototiller he found me on Craigslist. Tomorrow he will bring home some gas and we will see if it's going to work. Everyone cross their fingers for me! Luckily, if it doesn't work, the guy down the road has offered us the use of his pull behind tiller. Either way, the location of the garden has changed again. It needs to be fenced so the goats and chickens can't get in and eat it all up and the area between the house and the animal pen just doesn't work  for that. Mike also cut down a small cedar sapling to supplement the goat feed. They just LOVE them and it's one less cedar tree to plague the world with it's evil pollen.
 At one point Mike and I were standing together, looking at the big ass concrete feed trough we pulled up out of the field to use as a fire pit and didn't want to move again to make room for the garden, and I realized that THIS is what I've always wanted. I have a husband that loves me ridiculously, my kids, my land and my animals. I will have my garden, because my husband spoils me and does anything in his power to make sure I'm happy.
 So that's it for tonight. Blessed Be


  1. Awww now you are gonna make me cry! Such a sweet post! I am blessed to have such good examples in both my brothers. Maybe that is why I am still single. Haven't found anyone that comes anywhere near their awesomeness yet :D Can't wait to hang with you guys around the fire-pit. Praying for no drought this summer ;)