Saturday, January 21, 2012


 This weekend we finally got the garden tilled, I can't tell you how excited I am to get my hands back in the dirt. The tilled area is about 60' x 70'. I think I'll go over it one more time before I rake the loose soil up into the raised beds, add compost and start planting.
I'm standing at one corner and Aislyn is standing diagonally from me at the other
 We also bought a couple of apple trees (Red Delicious and Jonathan) and got them planted this afternoon.
Jonathan Apple

Red Delicious
  Mike also got a start on my giant compost bins made out of pallets. He got one that is 18 feet long and that will be the back. The font and sides of the separate sections will be made out of  smaller pallets.
The biggest pallet I've ever seen
 The kids were pretty good about helping and staying out of the way. Lily was mad that she wasn't allowed to drive the tiller longer and then even madder when she had to go in for a nap. It's good she's so darn cute...

Sad, cranky Lily wanted to use the tiller
  We got the seed potatoes and onion sets and found some boxes that I will use to put my newspaper pots for starting seeds in the next few days. They probably won't last more than one season but they were my favorite
Seed potatoes

Onion sets

Box to hold my seed starting pots
 And then, just to top off a really excellent weekend, Mike's boss GAVE him a truck. It's a small Nissan pickup and it was in an accident so the front end is a little bit smooshed but it's perfect for running to the feed store or moving things around the property. And it was FREE!!!
My new farm truck, it's already carried mulch and trees around the property
 So, that's how my weekend is going so far. Blessed Be and enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. Woo Hoo! Nice truck, pallets and starter boxes. Makes me nostalgic for the farm. Not much of a way to garden around here. Rocks, rocks, rocks. Glad things are going so well for you. Hugs to everyone:)

    Love, Mom