Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bad Blogger

 I have been a bad blogger. My only defense is that my kids are STILL out on winter break. Thankfully, they go back tomorrow and we can all get back on our normal schedule
 So, what has been going on this week? Well, our company is gone. Dad made it back to Cali with no problems. Mary and Frankie went back home to Austin and we are sad without them.
 I made my first ever batch of tamales yesterday. They were a little bland but not too bad for a first try. Next time I will tweak the recipe a little.
A giant pile of tamales

 We got new (to us) couches last night. I haven't taken any pictures yet because my house is a mess from the kids being home for almost 3 weeks. It's great because our old couch wasn't just ugly, the hide a bed inside was actually broken and one of the metal bars would jab you if you sat down wrong. I just want to thank my dearest friend Val for getting new furniture and giving us her old stuff. 
 There might have been more, but my brain is sort of fried from all the noise, the fighting, the tattling and the chaos. Next week I will try to do something interesting.

Blessed Be

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