Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting back to normal

 Hello everyone, it has been a busy week here. I got a picture of our new couch. Okay, mostly Gabe, but you can see little bits of the couch around him.
Gabe is so cute when he sleeps!
 The big kids went back to school on Monday (woo hoo!!!!) and we started to get back on our normal schedule when Lily got hit hard by cedar fever. She has been a grumpy, stuffy, snot producing little monster since Tuesday. She's been so congested that Mike and I have been taking turns sleeping on the couch with her so that she can sleep sitting up.
This was AFTER we washed about 2 pounds of snot out of her hair!
  Luckily she seems to be feeling better this afternoon and evening. She came out this afternoon to help me do some chores and take some pictures.
Lily is "helping"
  Mike built me a feeder for the goat's hay. Now they can't be as wasteful as they've been. Feed is too expensive to have them throw it all over the ground and stomp on it. Now they can only nibble a little at a time rather than pull it out. I love that I can show Mike a picture of something and he can build it for me!
The goat feeder (the twiggy thing next to it was our Christmas tree)
 Of course, there was the normal house cleaning, cooking and animal care. I discovered that, when I'm out with the goats, if I just keep walking they will eventually get curious and follow me to see what I'm up to. 

They're ignoring me
 I've lost several more chickens, including Bob the rooster, to predators. Moon shine has inherited the head roo position and he is thrilled that no one attacks him every time he tries to mate with one of the girls. I'm going to put eggs in the incubator this weekend so that I will (hopefully) have some young hens to add to my flock early this summer.
Moonshine is happy as new the top chicken since Bob disappeared last week.
 These are a couple of my Buff Orpington hens. They will be going into our freezer when we have enough new hens to take their place. They eat too much and don't lay enough eggs.
They have fresh water, but they just LOVE puddle water.
And Larry, just because.


  1. I'm glad that things are getting back to some kind of normal for you.

    Poor, sweet, baby lily. I'm glad that she's starting to feel better. I can't imagine what she went thru. You and Mike are great. Taking turns with her on the couch. That's what relationships are all about.

    This post seemed so relaxed. Like your getting used to all of your animals and taking it all in stride....everyday life around the farm. =)

    Mike is pretty awesome with his building skills!! I'm sure you will have more needs in the future. It has to save you gus a lot of money. I know he's a AWESOME Daddy too.

    Is puppy Bruno eating your chickens still? Is there something that you can do to lock the chickens up at night?

    Thanks for sharing all of your pictures. Poor Sweetie...I don't know how she walks...LOL Little Jasper is cute! I bet he and Lily enjoy each other. He is just the right size.

    And then there's Larry. Thank goodness he quick to get out of harms way....bless his

  2. I'm not sure how many of the missing chickens Bruno is responsible for. I haven't found any evidence that screams "Bruno did it!!" They're just gone. We have the hawks, coyotes, foxes, racoons and possums around here too.
    The chicken run (it is a 6 foot tall chain link fence) stays locked at night but I don't close them into the coop or I'd have to go open up at 6 every morning. We are debating building the new chicken coop with an enclosed run, including the top, to keep the hawks and owls out.