Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Garden progress

The Plan!
The only thing we've changed is the position of the compost bin.

 I have gotten so much done on the garden in the last few days. The whole area was tilled 3 times. I hurt myself the first time, until Mike explained that I needed to stop fighting with the machine. After that I was fine.
Halfway through the first tilling

The kids and the dog thought it was great fun and no amount of explaining that I was trying to fluff up the soil would stop them from stomping on it and rolling in it. Gabe was especially pleased.
Happy boy
After they got their fill of getting filthy. I started raking all of the loose soil out of the paths and into the raised beds. Right now only one of them is enclosed but eventually they all will be. They're not raised very high yet, but as I add more compost and improve the soil they will get higher.
The first raised bed

 Bruno helped too...

He's such a big helper
 Many, many hours and sore muscles later it looked like this.
Making progress
This morning I rushed to get some onion plants in the ground before a big rain storm rolled in. I still have one medium bed to rake up and 3 more paths to clear but I'm nearly there. And now that I have plants in the ground it's really a garden. Now that we're actually growing our own veggies I feel like I can really say that we live on a farm. It's a tiny farm, but it's a farm. It even has a name.... 
 Everyone, welcome to Cackleberry Creek Farm!


  1. Cool name! I assume that is the name of the creek? Did you name the creek or was it named already? Now you need a sign or one of those like ranch arches ;) Are you going to have your own brand sign? SO cool to see the progress. I remember literally playing with dirt clods with Matthew from the freshly turned feilds. They were block, fruit, bread, pies, magic rocks...etc etc etc :)

  2. Actually the creek is Rock Creek. A cackleberry is an egg, lol. Since we have eggs and a creek and I like a good alliteration it works out.
    The only sign I want is the one that says, "Go away, I'm armed and cranky!" You know I don't like visitors. I don't know if we'll get a brand, I hate the idea of branding an animal. We might decide to tattoo instead.

  3. Awesome work you've done there. Makes me want to fast forward a couple years to when we'll settle on our own piece. I can't wait to see more of what you accomplish. =) By the way the name is fantastic!

  4. Thanks so much Tess. It's tons of work but I think it will be worth it when I get that first tomato this year.