Friday, December 23, 2011

Animal pictures

 Tonight I thought I would introduce some members of our little menagerie to the world.
Baby Bruno with the kittens. Tiger is in the middle.

 First is Bruno AKA The Chicken Killer, Bubba, Idiot, Doofus and Chunk. Things started off so well with Bruno. He was such a tiny thing when we got him, not much bigger than the kittens. He had terrible puppy breath but I was in love.

"I'm a good boy, Mama. Well, I TRY to be a good boy."

 He got bigger, but he was still adorable... could you resist that face? This is the "I'm a good boy" face. I'm pretty sure he know's that I'm a sucker for it.
Eating pears

Unfortunately, he has developed a taste for my hens. He's killed and /or eaten more than a dozen now. If anyone wants a sweet, smart, lovable dog that's good with kids and bad with chickens just let me know and he's all yours.

Larry and Laura being house ducks.

Then there is Larry the lonely duck. Larry is a lousy husband. He let both Laura and Q-tip (his girls) get eaten by...something (probably Doofus.) without raising any kind of fuss. I'm pretty sure he ran and hid under the shed. So now Larry has no girl and I don't really feel sorry for him.
Larry (front) and Laura being porch ducks.

 I do kind of miss Laura. She was the only one of my animals that would talk back to me.

Now for the chickens. They're more entertaining than you would think.
Bob and his girls.
My easter eggers

Gabe with one of the chicks.
Fresh from the egg.
She started laying in a box.

My latest hatch.


  1. Love this post! Pictures are always good to help tell a story. They will also be good *remember when* pictures as your little farm grows.

    I'm so sorry that Bruno has begun to eat the chickens. Dog-gone-it!! He sure is a cutie too. I noticed how good he was with the kittens. At least he's not about eating them. He knows that the chicken are for eating and is making sure that he get his Anway, I do hope that you can find him a good home and maybe another sweet puppy that works well with your chickens.

  2. LOVE that you're allowing the anonymous open for now. That may change later but it's so much easier that having to log into my google's a real P.I.T.A.