Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mellor Christmas

 We had a very nice Christmas here at the Mellor House. We woke up at 6:30 and opened presents, then had some cinnamon rolls, did our chores and headed down to my grandparents house for the day. Here's what everyone got this year...

Gabe and Lily in their robes
  Gabriel got a bike (which he won't actually ride...yet), a movie, a book, a potato clock, finger less gloves, a model rocket and his favorite...2 new robes.

Aislyn with her new bike "Speedy"

 Aislyn also got a bike, a toy sewing machine, a weather station thing, 2 books, a tiny purse and 2 robes. 

Lily is gonna be Mama's big helper with her trailer

 Ian got a bike, 2 books, a wind generator, finger less gloves, and 2 robes.

 Lily got a cool old tricycle with a trailer (so she can help Mama with chores), a book, a robe, a tiny purse and pj's.

Aislyn, making beautiful art.

 They also got some gifts to share. Two karaoke machines, some CDs to go with them, The Narnia books on CD, an easel. 

My bike "Lulu"

 I got a a bike (named Lulu), a 32 quart tamale steamer to use as a boiling water bath canner, twelve 1 quart canning jars, a subscription to Mother Earth News, a subscription to Hobby Farms and a book I've been wanting. 

 And Mike got a book on butchering and smoking meat, a book about bee keeping, a subscription to Field and Stream and a subscription to Outdoor Life (none of which I have pictures of.)

 I'm sure I forgot stuff, but my children are in the middle of winter break and my brains are starting to leak out of my ears from the noise and chaos around here.


  1. So I freaking missed a post?! Dang. I wansn't paying good attention.

    LOVE all of the bikes! I like Lily's best. So cute. She will love helping you too. I can see her putting the animals in there and giving them rides as well...LOL!

    So, I'm curious as to why the kids each received 2 Sounds like Gabe loves them.

    Do you make lady fingerless gloves? Apryl loves them and has worn them for several years. Back when they were'nt so *IN*...

    Thank you for sharing...loved all of the pictures. Being able to watch the children grow up too...


  2. The kids each got 2 robes because we got them one and Grandma got them one (great minds and all that.) I haven't tried fingerless gloves for women yet, but I'm going to! I want some for milking the goat. It's cold in the mornings.
    And yes, the bikes are awesome. Mike found this great little local bike shop and got really good deals on them. Lily's is my favorite too, so darn cute AND durable.