Thursday, December 22, 2011


 Technology hates me. No, really, it hates me. I can crash computers just by looking at them. I can crash computers over the phone. I can crash computers on other continents. I can probably crash computers in galaxies far, far away...
 I kill mp3 players, I kill car stereos, I kill cell phones by the dozen. Digital cameras commit suicide when I walk in the room.The Wii acts up around me. My internet service goes out all day and then magically works the moment my husband walks in the door.
 I don't understand it. I love technology. I have wasted many perfectly good hours trying to kill egg stealing pigs with flying birds. I talk to my old girlfriends from middle school on a daily basis on facebook. I think Google is amazing. You want to know how snails reproduce? Google it. When do you start tomatoes indoors in Central Texas? Google it. What is the best breed of chicken for the small homestead? Google it. How do you shrink a human head? You get the idea...It's heaven for an information junkie like me.
 At least once a day I walk up to Mike with some piece of technology in my hand, begging "Fix it, please!?" Thankfully, Mike is a secret geek and can fix anything I manage to screw up.


  1. How do snails reproduce?...really? Do I have too look it up?...LOL! the suicide commiting camera. I don't think that technology hates you, I think that it's just trying to challenge you to learn more. One day it will magically work when you walk in the house too...LOL

    Hang in there...XOXO

  2. And yet u are able to write a blog, technology hates u how? Just kidding.

  3. I'd know that horrible spelling anywhere! Glad you finally made the effort to come read my blog, butthead

  4. Jill, snails are hermaphroditic. They mate and both snails end up with fertilized eggs. They could inseminate themselves...but where's the fun in that?

  5. "Digital cameras commit suicide when I walk in the room." ROTFLCGU!!! (Rolling on the floor laughing can't get up!) That is so true! You are so blessed to have married that anti you when it comes to technology. Michael is the microchip whisperer!! I think you really must emit your very own EMP field :)

  6. It gets worse the more frustrated I get too. Maybe I'm a mutant, the newest X-Man! Lol!